Harkirat Kaur

Harkirat Kaur

Warm greetings!

This is Harkirat Kaur, a 2014 alumna.

I am currently studying BLS LLB from Government Law College, Mumbai.

I distinctly recall the first day at Shree Ram Model School.

As I funnelled along the corridors of this immensely tranquil institution, little did I know that the course of my life was going to change.

The first day I stepped into the class, I was an average student with low motivation who didn’t believe that she could pass with flying colours.

As days turned into months, I realised that something in me was changing. I had developed faith in God and started facing life with optimism.

A few months later, I was willing to give my best and started preparing tirelessly for my board exams.

A few weeks before the exams, my motivation reached its peak and I knew that something good was in store for me.

With the same attitude that I had developed staying in this school, I gave my examinations.

On the day of results, I burst into tears when I found out that I had scored 96.2% with Commerce.

How did this happen?

To begin with, the day I entered the school, there was one person who believed in me beyond doubt. Someone, who put aside her comfort for me.

She came into my life as a blessing from God.

She chose to see me for my worth and work on my flaws.

Her positivity embraced me and showed me light.

(You may have guessed, it is Jyoti Ma’am!)

Followed by my teachers who sat down odd hours helping me clear my doubts every step of the way. They treated me like their own child. We don’t even realise, but they sacrifice so much to give us all that they have to offer.

I am forever grateful for their support, efforts, patience and love. I trust that all that I have learnt from Jyoti Ma’am, teachers and the entire staff will always help me get through life.

I would like to tell all the students, that they are in the best place. Jyoti Ma’am and all the teachers here are striving to give students a better life by giving them education in its truest form. One has to be very lucky to learn from them.

Lastly, I am sure all of us have the capability to perform well in exams provided we have faith in ourselves, in God and the endless support from an institution like our Shree Ram Model School.