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Books are the store house of knowledge. The school has its own well-equipped library which has collection of thousands of books, journals, number of magazines, newspapers, Story books, Encyclopedias etc. The reference books, religious books and other reading material not only facilitate the students but also encourage them to become sagacious users of the library and also in self-learning.


The school has well equipped laboratories (Bio., Physics, Chemistry and Maths). These labs provide modern equipments and apparatus to the students for practical work and conduct scientific experiments, so as to develop inquisitiveness and an attitude of learning by doing.


The school has its own fleet of buses catering to the students of specified areas.

Computer Lab

This is the age of computers. Therefore, keeping this in view, computer science is taught as a compulsory subject from Class III onwards.


Visual images leave an indelible imprint on mind. Keeping this in view projector room facility is provided to students in order to run the subject related programmes to make the learning easier.


This facility is available in each and every room for the active vigilance of their activities so that students should be under strong supervision.

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